The most advanced annunciator alarm panel for marine & industrial uses

Up to 16 Inputs

16 inputs with LED indication, plus general alarm and fault indication


Supports Normally-Open/Normally-Closed Sensors, Delay-Functions & Cable Monitoring


Local Buzzer, external Siren Relay and 3 more programmable Relays


Automatic Dimmer, Remote Test/Cancel Buttons. Easy setup on-site, without use of a computer or DIP switches

About the ERAmega

The ERAmega can be installed in a yacht, ship, factory, or any other place where an audible and visual alarm from critical devices is necessary.

ERAmega can monitor engine water temperature & flow, lub oil pressure, fuel oil temperature & pressure, filter differential pressure, fuel oil level, engine overspeed, crank oil mist, pump changeover, bilge level, pump start/stop, reverse power, overcurrent, contactor (ON/OFF), open hatch, and much more.

Clean Design

Wide Connectivity

Essentials Included

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